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Short Stories

Wheel of Time: Horn OK Please by [Iyengar, Kartik, Iyengar, Aditi]
Awesome Blossoms: Horn OK Please by [Iyengar, Kartik, Iyengar, Aditi]
Pandora's Box: Horn OK Please by [Iyengar, Kartik, Iyengar, Aditi]
  • Published writer in short story anthologies ‘Awesome Blossoms’ (2014), ‘Pandora’s Box’ (2015) and Wheel of Time (editor and writer 2016) published from Amazon
  • PoV on Future Digital learning trends at Leadership Conclave in Centum
  • PoV on ‘Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Learning’ for Accenture
  • ‘Sim to be or not be’: A paper on teaching application software through simulations for IBM LIMIC Wiki and Accenture Learning blog
  • ‘Managing Learning in a system: How the client uses SABA on SAP training’: a paper on basic knowledge of LMS functionalities and how it is used for SAP training in IBM LMS Wiki
  • ‘Mobile Learning: Future Trends’: A paper on an overview of how mobile learning is a future trend in learning domain presented in IBM Sharenet in Gurgaon in 2008
  • ‘Mobile Learning: The World at My Fingertips’: a paper on the advantages of mobile learning in Accenture Learning blog
  • ‘Journey of a Telestration’: A paper on how to create a Telestration as a medium for eLearning for Accenture Learning blog
  • ‘Assessment of Communicative Performance: a case study of English in Secondary Level in West Bengal’. CIEFL Bulletin, vol.10, no. 2, December 2000. Pp- 107-121
  • ‘The Portfolio Assessment Project: India’. Language Testing Update, Issue 34, winter 2003. PP- 66-67, UK
  • Article Published in British Council Newsletter – ‘Connecting’
  • Poetry published in the anthology compiled by International Library of Poetry, Midland, US, and in other Indian newspapers
  • ‘Mathematics and Literature: Can we integrate the two worlds?’, ‘Abakhayay’, August 2004
  • Literary articles in Bengali Little Magazine ‘Antarjik Chhoto Galpo’ and ‘Sampratik Uttaran’
  • Translations published in anthology of short stories ‘Contemporary Modern Short Stories’ in 2009